Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trading post time!

Molly - Miss Brassy Blossom - came home from school a few weeks ago SO excited about "Trading post day". All the classes in her grade have been learning about Trappers, Traders and Explorers. As a tradition the classes get to set up a trading post and exchange "animal furs/hides" for merchandise. 

Molly brought me home this sketch labeled with all the items she wanted to make. how cute is that?!

So she and her friend that she teamed up with spent the next 2 weeks making necklaces, bracelets, bookmarks and hair accessories. Then we worked on making the sketch of her "shop" a reality. 
The open and closed sign was her idea. She wanted that so she could close it and go shopping to the other classes. 

Trading post DAY! By the time I got there to snap a photo they had already had a lot of merchandise bought from their "boutique". Looks like a good trading day! Molly said she would love to be able to do that everyday!

So fun to see some of her designs (even ones included in her eBook and upcoming ones too) being well received and see her so excited about it! Best of luck to any other girls out there who have a similar project. :)

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